Only 3 weeks to go to IKEA!

Only 3 weeks to go to IKEA!

Stylish IKEA Kitchen

Cannot wait until IKEA arrives in 3 weeks? Don”t know how to abide your time until then? Well, if you are planning to revamp your kitchen or if you wish you could redesign your kitchen why not become your own interior designer with the use of IKEA”s room planner tools.

What am I taliking about? Well, IKEA has some easy to use software that … allows you to redesign your kitchen online! You can experiment with different colour combinations, styles, units, the works! Once your happy you can print it off or even better you can save all your designs online in your own account, pop into IKEA once it opens and get them to take a look and see what they think – brilliant!

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  1. Geri at 5:25 pm

    Check out this great kitchen planner tool on the ikea website. You can design your own kitchen and drag and drop products. Gives you a great idea of how your kitchen might look if you are planning a revamp. You need to download the planner tool to use it first. There are a few different planners available at

  2. Lou at 5:20 pm

    Just noticed that it costs 2 euro to enter the competition when you submit your mobile number. Best to read the terms and conditions before entering the competition.

  3. Lou at 2:49 pm

    Just found this competition to win a 500 euro voucher for IKEA. Would be a nice start. Imagine what you could get for 500 euro in IKEA.

  4. Keith at 11:23 am

    Hi Brian

    I heard it is definitely going to be the 31st of July and they will be advertising opening offers, from the 15th. Hope that helps.


  5. Brian Lee at 11:18 am

    Went up the north 3 months ago to buy 2 new leather sofas, IKEA is an absolute bargain, great quality, great prices and delivered exactly when they said it would be only con was the 2.5 hours in the car…cant wait for the dublin store to open…Does anyone know the exact opening date? They are sure to have some special offers !!!!

  6. Patrick at 9:28 am

    Ikea is also a great/cheap way to decorate your halls of residence for college!

  7. Barbara at 7:51 pm

    When are MyHome going to offer a proper online home store where your visitors can buy online…Cant wait for IKEA to open, at last value for money in Dublin 🙂

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