How to clean gutters

How to clean gutters

How to clean a gutter

Since we gave you a few tips and pointers on how to unblock a drain indoors we decided to move outdoors and help you out with how to tackle and clean your house gutters. This again isn”t the nicest job but since it is summer it would be a great time and chance to give them a clean. What you”ll need;

  • Ladder, … Gloves – preferably heavy duty gloves, Stiff brush, Garden trowel, A bucket / bin / bin liners, A hose, Wire Coat hanger

So where so start?

  1. First off you will have to remove all debris and dirt from the gutter. Use the garden trowel to scoop out silt, grit, dirt etc then use a the stiff brush to loosen and gather debris. To minimize cleanup later scoop the debris into a bucket of even a rubbish bag / bin liner. Tip: It is best to work away from the drain outlet / downpipes i.e. do not sweep dirt down the drain pipe as this might / possible would cause
  2. When all the dirt has been removed from the gutter you then wash out the length of the gutter using a hose. At this stage if there is any remaining dirt stuck to the gutter now is the time to try and scrub it off with the help of the water, your brush & some elbow grease. Tip: This part can be messy i.e. dirt and water = possible splashing! Be conscious that you don”t madly splash and ruin the paint work of your house!
  3. Last but not least – the downpipe! From time to time the downpipe can block up. You can use a wire coat hanger to to pull any dirt out, but if it is unreachable try using a high pressure hose to flush out the dirt!
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  1. Robert at 6:29 pm

    Great article House Doctor! 🙂 If I may I can add a little more to the importance of safety regarding gutter cleaning.

    1. Hands: Always wear gloves to protect your hands from dirty, rotting leaf debris. This type of debris often contains bird, pigeon and squirrel feces which can be covered with bacteria!

    2. Eyes: Protective eye gear is a must. You never know what might fly out of the downspout when cleaning gutters! Wasps love hiding in gutters, too. They will always go for the eyes when being set free or disturbed during gutter cleaning.

    3. Rubber Shoes: The right pair of shoes will make a huge difference when climbing the ladder to clean your gutters. Rubber-soled shoes are the best for preventing slip and fall accidents.

    I hope your visitors appreciate these added safety tips as we see accidents all the time! Thanks!

  2. Stephanie at 2:30 am

    When we bought our home the gutters were in ok condition according to the inspector but after a big rainstorm the gutters were leaking?! I called Gutterman Services and they informed me the gutters were severly clogged. I appreciate this article to help raise awareness and education to others!

  3. Charlie M. at 1:44 am

    while cleaning your gutters you can also use sewer or chimney rods depending on how far you want to stretch. This goes for both bungalow or two story house, but remember if it’s a two story house make sure someone is supporting your ladders on the ground.

    Make sure your ladders are heavy duty and grade 1 ladders, so as they are heavy enough to take a gust of wind” you don’t want to have a nasty accident”.

    As looking at the picture above and you have the two chimney poles with a brass fitting on the end that also have a hinge, screw this fitting onto the rod. Hold the other end of the rod and extend along the gutter to your right or left side at arms length, as you let the end of the rod into the gutter the hinge section will be lying flat. Wlying in the gutter, pull the rod twords you and as you pull twords you it will pull the contents of the gutter to you. All you have to do is put the contents from the gutter into your bucket. Continue to do this on the other side of you as above and if you are feeling brave or more professional join a second rod and do the job quicker.

    Finally if your slates are to near the gutter and you find it hard to put your hand into the gutter, lift the slate nearest you, slightly push in and upward position. When you have cleared the gutter with your rod you can put the slate back to it’s origional position. If your worried about your down pipes getting clogged up, get some mesh wire roll it up in a swiss roll shape loosely about 4-6 inches long. When you are dropping the wire into your down pipe put a wire skewer or a lent of wire coat hanger through the rolled wire across the opening of the down pipe to stop the wire falling down the pipe, it will stop the pipe from clogging up again.
    Any waste from your gutters can be recycled into your compost bin, it makes great compost.

    • Randy at 4:50 pm

      Where Are the pictures of the hinged device you are attaching to your chimney rods to clean the gutters with? I have many chimney rods, as I bought them to snake a long straight septic drain line with. Also use on chimney. I was on roof cleaning chimney, when I had idea to use rods to clean gutters with. Just need an attachment to the rods to rake gutters with.
      What did you use?
      Thanks, Randy

  4. gutters at 1:35 pm

    Thank you for sharing this valuable information. Fall is coming fast. Leaves and all other debris will be all over my gutters so it’s better to be prapered now. As a new home owner, this will be challenging.

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