Get Some Curb Side Appeal

Example of a property with no curb side appeal!When it comes to selling your property, first impressions count and every possible contact with your buyer must scream “this is the property for you”.

You may think that the overgrown lawn, a weed trodden path and wonky slates add charm and …

Building Regulations make for Headaches in Italy

Building Regulations make for Headaches in Italy

Thinking of building or renovating in Italy? Be patient.

It’s no accident that Italy’s beautiful towns and villages have remained largely unspoiled. The country’s stringent building regulations make building or restoring a property more challenging than in many other countries. There are those who avoid the problem by ignoring the law – an estimated Italian 150,000 buildings have been completed without …

Mortgages – Broker or Banker?

Mortgages – Broker or Banker?

Looking for a mortgage? Look beyond the bank. There was a time when you’d go straight to a bank to get your mortgage. But times have changed, and now there are many different mortgage deals and providers out there.

You can, of course, still go straight to your bank. Your branch will usually …

Beware Buying Off Plan

Beware Buying Off PlanSo you bought off the plan in “06/”07 at the height of the property boom, and now you”re going to end up owning a property that”s worth dramatically less than you thought?

Well, you could cut your losses and wave goodbye to your deposit. Might be better than ending up facing the dreaded negative equity. But if your heart is set on …

Tight-fisted or Clever?

Tight-fisted or Clever?

Keeping household bills low is a priority for everyone these days, especially for housemates who rent a property together. Most of us have heard the standard tips by now, like “reduce the central heating by one degree”; “wash at 35 degrees” and “boil only the amount of water you need in the kettle”.

Here are …

Should I Sell Now?

View Video Basically this answer comes down to two things: need & desire. If you want to sell your property for reasons such as upgrading…