And so to Bed …


A lumpy mattress, less than springy springs and a base that creaks into the bargain…no wonder you can’t sleep at night. Isn’t it time you bought yourself a new bed?

A good night’s sleep can do more for the mind, body and soul than an expensive weekend at a luxury spa – though we wouldn’t say no! And while Margaret Thatcher may have been able to survive on only four hours sleep a night, most of us need to get in at least nine hours every night, to relax, unwind and give our bodies a well earned break. Lack of sleep can make us old, grumpy and downright miserable, and what’s more, cause our immune system to run down.

But getting a good night’s sleep isn’t just about going to bed early, it’s also about the kind of bed we’re going to – and for most of us it’s a 20-year-old lumpy mattress with less than springy springs and a base that creaks into the bargain. The result? Lots of tossing and turning and an aching back in the morning. If your bed’s more than ten-years-old it’s about time you got yourself a new one!

Finding the Right Bed
A new bed can be more effective than sleeping pills in the search for a good night’s sleep, but choosing one that suits you lifestyle and your room can be tricky. Remember you’re going to spend over 20,000 hours (in its ten-year lifespan) in your bed so it’s worth taking a little time and effort in the beginning to make sure you make the right choice.

It’s best to try a selection of beds in several different shops for comparison before you buy and if you don’t sleep alone take your partner with you to try it for size. According to The Sleep Council, ergonomic studies reveal that couples sleep better in a bigger bed…so go the extra few inches. Besides bigger beds generally are more comfortable whether you’re sharing or not. And remember you get what you pay for so the more money you spend the better the bed you will get.

Bed Preference
The measure of a good bed is judged by the quality of the mattress which is measured by the quality of the spring and layers of upholstery. The different types of mattresses available range from foam to standard open-coil, tufted and pocket sprung – perhaps the most luxurious. A good quality mattress and foundation should support your body at all points, along its natural curve and keep your spine in good alignment. Most people buy the mattress and base together but you can buy your mattress separate – however the two should not be considered in isolation. Choose your mattress depending on your sleeping preferences for soft, medium or firm surfaces, after all a mattress should be comfortable.

Choosing a Base
There are no real rules for choosing a base for your bed, but generally speaking it should be big and wide enough to accommodate your mattress. A slatted wooden base is perfect for allowing air to circulate around your bed or if your taste is more fairytale romance you could go for a restored antique brass bed.

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