Clutter Free Kitchens


Take a look at your existing kitchen; are there any obvious clutter hotspots? Do you have a free standing bin, is there an ironing board leaning against a wall, can you easily access your under counter storage or corner units.

At Nolan kitchens we can design a clutter free kitchen that includes the latest space saving solutions. Some of the options available include:

  • Le Mans corner units: Great storage solution for maximising the space available in your corner units.
  • Euro Bin: Built into a base unit, this bin is designed to simplify recycling with different sections for household waste, glass, paper etc.
  • Integrated Ironing Board: The average ironing board is usually a cumbersome item and awkward to store, this built in ironing board fits into a single drawer and is simple to use.
  • Drawer Systems: You can design your kitchen layout to include our large drawer units. These drawers are designed for storing everything from food products to plates, bowls and pots etc. By design, drawers maximise the under-counter space available and their contents are far more accessible than those stored in traditional base units.
  • Wire Work & Pull-out Larders: Our Wire Work solutions allow you integrate clever storage solutions into your kitchen. A pull out larder can be used to store all of your food stuff in one press; a small 150mm pull out can create great storage in the smallest space.

If you’ve decided to install a new kitchen its worth considering that you are unlikely to change your kitchen again for at least 10 years.  That’s why our designers work closely with you to develop a custom kitchen that works around your current and future lifestyle.

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