Island Units


Island UnitsAn island is a must in today’s kitchens as the kitchen is the heart of the home where most people tend to gather.

When designing an island for your kitchen it is helpful to determine the main function of the island whether it is a preparation area or a sitting area. I have listed some general pointers:

  • Consider the size of the complete room. (kitchen & dining area)
  • Size of the island relative to the kitchen area.
  • Mark out / test floor space by placing newspapers on the floor to create a mock-up of the size of the island, remember to take into account other furniture for the room.
  • Material for work surface – Granite, marble, quartz stone or timber have little restrictions in size or shape of the island unlike formica which is only available in a few sizes.
  • Install adequate over head lighting or position the island to maximise natural daylight i.e. under a skylight or facing out onto a south facing garden
  • Flooring – type of flooring for the area, ideally the flooring should be completed before fitting the island.


Preparation Area

  • Fit a sink & tap in the island.  However, will need to have plumbing points.
  • Ideally you should have either a double socket on the s ide of the island or electric socket tower to safety use small appliances such as an electric carving knife.  This avoids having cables draped dangerously across the kitchen.
  • An extractor fan will need power & ducting, – an island extractor fan will need support fittings in the ceiling whereas downdraft extraction are fitted into the work surface and can be more aesthetically pleasing.
  • Remember even a gas hob will require electricity for the ignition switch.
  • You should have a drawer unit, to have cutlery close at hand.
  • Pull-out larder unit, to store commonly used groceries.
  • Euro bin which will make recycling easier.


Sitting Area

  • Stools-high enough to sit comfortably and ideally height adjustable.
  • Chairs-will require work surface at a lower level.
  • Push open units eliminates protruding handles.
  • Avoid sink/hob if you want young children to sit safety doing their homework.
  • Maximise any pleasing views – looking out onto your garden.

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