Personalize Your Furniture & Accessories


Adding your own personal touches to your furniture and accessories will give your home a totally unique look.  It is very cheap and simple to alter your belongings.  Here are a few easy ideas for you to try:

  1. Throws, bed linen and tablecloths can be transformed with trimming.  Choose a vibrant, contrasting ribbon or fabric and sew it on as a border.  Take care when choosing a trimming that it can be easily cleaned without running into the main fabric.
  2. Use gold and silver leaf transfers to alter the appearance of boring crockery.  Transfers can be bought in most of the larger DIY stores. Using transfers couldn’t be easier.  Just peel off the protective covering and place the transfer sticky side down onto your chosen item and press into place. Firmly smooth over the area where you have placed the transfer and remove the backing paper.
  3. A great way to change the look of drawers, presses, and doors is to replace the knobs or handles. There are a huge selection of knobs and handles on the market.  You will find them at most good DIY stores and specialist shops.
  4. For extra storage you can cover boxes, of different sizes and shapes in coloured paper or fabrics to co-ordinate with your existing colour schemes.
  5. A coating of lime wax will give old, dark wooden furniture a new updated look.
  6. Buttons are very popular at the moment and you can stitch them onto cushions, curtains and linen to create your own individual look.
  7. Try handpainting or stencilling your bathroom and kitchen tiles.  You can buy primers and paints specially designed for ceramic tiles at most DIY stores.

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