Parking Permit Pains

Parking Permit Pains

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You would think that getting a parking permit would be quite straight forward. You just download the form from your City Council, fill it in and pay the fee, right? Think again.

I suppose obviously enough that you have to prove your place of residency to obtain your permit. This is where the pains … begin. Proof for your permit requires:

  • A domestic bill for the residency in your name with the address of the residence (Mobile phone bills are not accepted)
  • A copy of your current insurance certificate with your name & address of the residence

The pain begins: Putting a bill in your name
If you, like me were the last to move into your rented humble abode then the chances are that the name and address fields of the bills are already taken by other housemates. Your only option left is to use a Bank or Credit Card Statement. However changing your address on any financial document is not an easy task as I found out! In order to change your address you have go to the bank where you originally set up your bank account. This may involve taking a trip to somewhere in the country where you set up you set this up many moons ago!

The pain continues:
Changing your address on your insurance certificate on the other hand is not so traumatic. You simply ring up your insurance company, answer the usual security questions and ask for change of address. Of course there is a catch! Depending on where your new address is i.e. city versus the country, there maybe a slight increase in the cost of insurance.

Once you get all this done it is now time to post everything off and sit and wait for your parking permit.

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