Rebel Capital is Booming

Even the ever-cautious Eddie Hobbs might agree that his home town, Cork, is a good place to buy right now. The long-awaited M8 is almost finished, and the long old haul to Cork has been cut to just 2.5 hours. So it’s now quicker to drive to Cork than it is to travel there by train!

Cork has been booming in recent years, and there’s a big demand for all kinds of housing and commercial property. Take a look at the Cork Area Strategic Plan to see details of development plans for both city & county. The plan outlines the integration of land use, transportation, social, economic and environmental elements for the Cork area, right up to 2020. A fantastic revival plan for the Cork Docklands has also been designed and is just waiting to get through the red tape.

The idea is that Cork should become a leading European region, moving towards a more sustainable form of development while keeping all that’s great about the historic fabric of the city.
If you want to hit the (new, faster!) road to Cork to have a look, remember that Josephine’s in Urlingford is a great place to stop.

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  1. Angie at 12:11 pm

    I doubt if the funding is going to be approved in the current climate,it’s a pity as it would make a big difference.

  2. Brian at 3:10 pm

    It’ll be great for Cork if this gets approval, already the city has started to transform into a vibrant European city with the make-over of Pana (Patrick St) and Grand Parade.
    It’ll create thousands of jobs and pump millions of Euro into the city, why the government is taking so long to approve funding for the required bridge is beyond me.

    Great blog.

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