Bargains to be had in the Land of Opportunity

Bargains to be had in the Land of Opportunity

Bargains to be had in the Land of Opportunity

A weak dollar and a market in crisis make for potential bargains in the US. Prospective property buyers are already on the way to the US as many home owners in the Land of Opportunity are bowing out of housing market resulting in a high demand for rental property. For anyone wishing to make positive returns through … a buy-to-let investment property, the weakness of the US dollar offers strong potential.

It’s no secret that America, whether it is Bush’s home state of Texas, The Big Apple, the bright lights of Hollywood and in particular Florida, the star spangled banner attracts tourists worldwide by the bucket full.

Sunshine year round, an attractive exchange rate and low prices along with high demand for rental property can only generate a nice return in your wallet! – All of which can be spent wisely by girlfriends and wives in the vast array of shops.

With the open sky policy agreed between the US and the EU you be mad not to book a seat and get yourself there now!

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  1. Grace at 1:30 pm

    I’m from Chicago, Illinois, now living in Dublin and I know that there are tons of good deals there. Just looking through the property listed for sale on, I see advertised 1 bed apartments in downtown Chicago as well as houses and apartments in really nice suburbs outside of the city limits, like South Barrington and Inverness in the Northwestern suburbs and North Aurora southwest of the city.

  2. Mary at 6:46 pm

    Presently living in Phoenix, Arizona where there is more than enough sun. Looking to rent in Dublin, for a change of lifestyle.

  3. Angie at 12:07 pm

    I’ve heard some people say that if you’re interested in buying in Florida that you can usually rent out the property at drastically reduced rates to get a feel for the place. Now that would be great, cheap accomodation and all the shopping!!!

  4. John at 11:22 am

    I think you can find a bargain in Ireland without going to the states

  5. Keith Elliott at 9:42 am

    There certainly are bargains to be had in the USA. A friend of mine recently bought a house close to Orlando (Disney World) for under €100k!!!! Forget Portugal and Spain, get buying in the States, the Dollars weak, weather fab and shopping super!

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