Spanish Property: You might be due a refund

Spanish Property: You might be due a refund

Spanish Property: You might be due a refund If you owned a property in Spain and sold it before 2007 you just might be due a refund from the Spanish Government.

How is this possible? Spain came under the spotlight after a Madrid court ruled that an English couple were unlawfully charged 20% more in capital gains tax when they sold their property in 2004. … Before 2007 the local Spaniard paid 15% in capital gains tax whereas foreign property owners paid 35% – a whopping difference! Since 2007 a flat rate of 18% has been levied on all property owners.

Although I wouldn’t go jumping for joy yet as I doubt the Spanish government are going to take all of this with a pinch of salt. If future claims are successful they stand to lose a lot of cash!

However if you think you maybe due a refund you better act fast as under Spanish law you can only claim back tax on the last four years!

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  1. Nick at 6:50 pm

    Spain knew it was illegal thats why they changed the system to the current new system. However you are right that trying to get the refund will probably take a lot of time and they will only give it out with certain documentation (that you probably will never be able to get) but at least its a start

    Good luck to anyone who is due a refund

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