No BER? Then No Rent Relief!

No BER? Then No Rent Relief!

No BER, Then no Rent Relief If you are a renter and claim rent relief, you may just be about to lose it! Our Energy Minister, Eamon Ryan has announced that rented properties that “do not meet the standards of the BER system will no longer be eligible for tenant tax relief”! WHAT?!

However no need to panic … totally though as this can work both ways. If your landlord doesn”t have a BER rating;

  1. Yes, you could lose your rent relief but this could give you grounds to barter over your current monthly rent payment. If your Landlord doesn”t plan to spend money on a BER he might be willing to reduce your rent as he won”t want to lose his paying tenants.
  2. Or

  3. The proposed new change (due to come into effect by the end of the year) may encourage your Landlord to install proper insulation and therefore improve the overall living conditions in the house. Not only will you be cosier in the winter but your heating bills should shrink a bit.

However, ideally, your landlord should have / get a BER Certificate. Ask for one now! Not only can you continue claiming rent relief (which you are entitled to) but your house will also be more energy efficient, warmer and will save you money in the long run.

Also if you haven”t claimed relief on past rental properties I would advise you go do it now! Once the new law is introduced you may not be entitled to back date your rent relief if the property does not have a BER cert.

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  1. Uiscete at 1:38 pm


    It IS law that you MUST produce a BER rating for any residential rental property. It has been law for nearly two years.

    It is just a rating, doesn’t make the place warmer but it will start effecting the amount of rent you can claim if the statements made in the above article come to pass

  2. noel at 10:26 pm

    “The Renters” article is nonsense. The BER is none of the tenants business. It will not make the room/ house warmer. It is not even a piece of paper unless you print it off. It is a rating. I got a free before and after BER at No landlord has ever been fined for not having a BER. And of course they will be able to claim past rent relief, a law can’t be retrospective, so until the BER is law and stated to affect the rent relief, then current and four back can be claimed. The renter is writing thoughts rather than facts.

  3. redjohno at 11:54 am

    A lot of people miss out on tax refunds for rent paid. You can claim back up to 4 years. if you are not sure, check out for information on rent relief.

  4. David at 1:18 am

    This post is nonsense. For a landlord, getting a BER cert is a matter of paying a fee. For the tenant it means nothing. Its a stealth tax for landlords and like th post, a BER means nothing

  5. Admin at 2:43 pm

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  6. Real Estate Noida at 10:26 am

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  7. Noodle at 7:59 pm

    I’m sorry – who wrote this??

    Quote “Ask for one now! Not only can you continue claiming rent relief (which you are entitled to) but your house will also be more energy efficient, warmer and will save you money in the long run. ”

    What? So I get my landlord to get a BER cert and all of a sudden this house will be warmer!!!! If I had known it would be that simple – I would have ordered the BER myself!!!!!

    The BER doesn’t make a house more efficient – making changes like more insulation based on findings from the BER report will make a house more efficient!

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