What’s my Property Worth?

What’s my Property Worth?

What is your property worth How many times have we heard ‘In today’s market you have to have realistic expectations’ and to ‘Get the price right’ when selling property. However that’s easier said than done and ‘in today’s market’ it’s no easy task in figuring out what exactly is the right selling price for your house.

So how do you go about valuing your house … and in turn come up with a fitting price to put it on the market for. There are a few things that can help you work out selling price equation.

  • Get a few estimations i.e. go to at least 3 Estate Agents. Usually Estate Agents are not far off the mark of each other in relation to price but by getting a few valuations you will be able to work out an optimum price (in a tough market) for your home, a price that is not over or under valued.
  • Go for a walk around the neighbourhood. Take a look at the asking prices of other houses for sale similar to yours in your local area. Not only that but, if you can find out how long they have been on the market!
  • Now, when you are finished looking at the selling prices don’t forget to jot down the sold price. If possible, head down to local auctions and viewings. These will tell you how much buyers are prepared to spend and how much dosh people willing to part with.

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