UK House Prices Rise. Is the end near?

UK House Prices Rise. Is the end near?

Uk Property Nationwide Building Society has reported that UK house prices rose sweetly by 1.2% in May bringing the average house price there up to £154,016 (€178,110). This is the second time in the past three months that UK prices have risen causing an outburst of excitement and spurring on rumours that the depressed property is coming to an end.

Due to low house prices and … historically low and attractive interest rates Estate agents in the UK have recently witnessed floods of potential buyers arriving into their offices. However Nationwide has warned it maybe to soon to pop the champagne, as any recovery of the property market is likely to be gradual one.

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  2. Gary Alder at 3:11 pm

    Here’s one to think about before you buy a second hand house right now. The average selling price for a second hand house in Ireland today is €248,640, the average price for a second hand house in the UK is €178,110. Ask yourself this question, Why are house prices not roughly the same in the UK and Ireland? I am waiting to buy a house at the moment and when I see the prices dropping to similar level of those in the UK, then I will consider spending my money, not before then. Think about this the next time you hear an auctioneer say “Prices are at ROCK BOTTOM, it’s time to buy”. YEAH RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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