Top 20 Best Cities in the World to Live In

Top 20 Best Cities in the World to Live In

20 cities around the globe have been picked and deemed to be the best in the world to live in. 420 cities were assessed in total and I”m not quite sure where exactly Irish cities (if any) ranked on the list. The criteria of assessment was detailed, long winded and hard to live up to. Cities were rated on things such as; politics and social environment, the strength of the … economy, the quality of health care as well as exposure to infectious diseases, school quality, recreation, theaters and sports activities.

A few reasons as to maybe why Dublin, Cork, or any other Irish city did not appear anywhere close to the top 20 could be due to the fact that the Mercer list also ranked cities on the cost of housing, their climate, public transportation and traffic congestion – a few items that might have cost us a few brownie points!

For all you wanting to know what cities made the final 20, here you go;

Vienna - Number 1, Best City in the World to live according to the Mercer List 20. Stockholm
19. Luxemburg
18. Melbourne
17. Berlin
16. Ottawa
14. Brussels
13. Amsterdam
12. Wellington
11. Copenhagen
10. Sydney
9. Bern
8. Frankfurt
7. Munich
6. Düsseldorf
5. Auckland
4. Vancouver
3. Geneva
2. Zurich
1. Vienna

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  1. Ann Julie at 1:33 pm

    I am shocked that Dubai isn’t mentioned. Dubai has one of the best facilities in the world if you take into account wealth and opportunities. Dubai really should have been in the list.

  2. Eoghan at 10:06 pm

    Dublin came 25th

  3. Ivan at 12:07 pm

    obviously this guy failed his geography, never heard of japan hongkong singapore?

  4. Mary Anne at 2:21 pm

    Ya, it does sound a bit boring. I just checked it out – I think it was Forbes that compiled the list. How they compiled the list was by comparing the wealth of each country which included infastructure, advancements in technology, Education and Health facilites… so you can see how Zurich and Vienna came 1st and 2nd – They do have pretty good (amazing) road and rail networks.

  5. Damien at 2:15 pm

    This list is very strange. No London, no Paris, no New York. This could be a list of the top 20 most boring cities – not that I have been to them all. I would gladly exchange a bit of pollution for a bit of excitement.

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