Huge Interest in Home Energy Saving Scheme

Huge Interest in Home Energy Saving Scheme

Wall of insulation €16 million euro has been forked out so far to Irish home owners who have availed of the Home Energy Saving Scheme. Launched back in February of this year, less then 4 months ago, over 12,000 homes up and down the country have already received insulation grants under the scheme.

The Home Energy Saving Scheme is aimed at private middle income homes … which were built prior to 2006. Grants are available for various home energy saving measures including roof insulation, wall insulation, heating control upgrades and for building energy ratings. The minimum grant aid is €500 and the maximum is €5000.

Don’t fret if you haven’t applied for a grant and would like to save energy and money on your home heating bills, good news is you haven’t missed the boat! €50 million has been allotted to the Home Energy Saving Scheme for this year alone!

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  1. Building Insulation at 9:05 am

    The grant scheme is excellent, but how many people know about this? there should be flyers round the door encouraging people to opt in. Also I havent seen any news broadcast talking about it….ridiculous.

    Nice article

  2. Radiant Barrier at 5:51 am

    Could it be possible we are all moving in a greener direction. We also have a tax credit in place in the US for this year which includes all kinds of energy saving materials. The tax credit for insulation is $3,000. Let’s just hope everyone participates. Then we could see some real savings.

  3. Sylvia at 12:14 pm

    Really surprised that Cowen hasn’t slashed the budget for this. Is this the sweetener for the Greens?

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