Heir to the throne: How to upgrade your toilet

Heir to the throne: How to upgrade your toilet


Upgrading or replacing your toilet seat can give a new lease of life to a bathroom. There are so many models and designs in shops these days that you can really make a statement in the bathroom.

There”s no need to call the plumber for this job. Just choose the model and style for your bathroom. Most toilet seats are secured to the toilet … by two bolts. When buying your replacement, make sure it will fit your toilet model.

Unscrew the bolts and remove the seat. The nuts or bolts often get rusty so be careful to get the bolt out in one go. You don”t want it breaking making it more difficult to remove. You might need to use some oil to loosen them further. Use a wrench or spanner to loosen the bolts. Once removed, clean the area thoroughly before installing the new seat. Secure the seat by tightening the bolts. Not too tight though. You may want to replace it again at some point.

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