UK Reveal Estate Agent Blacklist

UK Reveal Estate Agent Blacklist

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The Office of Fair Trading in the UK has named and shamed Estate Agents there who have committed offences and not kept inline with Estate Agent practice.

The blacklist / register allows consumers in the UK to view and search online which agents are on the list and which ones the Office of Fair Trading has taken action against.

The Office of Fair Trading in … the UK can issue warning orders to Estate Agents and can take action with a view to banning / blacklisting them where there is evidence that they have committed certain offences such as;

  • Estate Agents who have not acted in the best interest of the client
  • Agents who do not treat clients honestly, fairly and promptly
  • Fraud
  • Violence
  • Discrimination on the grounds of race or gender

What not take a look at the list?

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  1. yossi at 8:00 pm

    Very good, the government should have more regulation on estate agents. I was meeting some estate agents in Golders Green and they act according to the house laws and regulation, so not all estate agents are bad.
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