Dancing on the ceiling: How to paint a ceiling

Dancing on the ceiling: How to paint a ceiling

How to paint a ceilingWhen starting a paint job, always begin with the ceiling before you get stuck into the walls or skirting boards. This avoids paint splashes on areas that you have already painted.

Preparation is key.

  • Cover all furniture and flooring.
  • Use a step ladder and a roller to get maximum paint coverage in the quickest time.
  • Using an extension handle on the … roller will prevent you from overstretching and injuring yourself.
  • A roller also means you get better value for money from your paint.

Keep the paint even by painting in strips. Use a smaller brush for the edges and the corners. You will also need to use a paint brush around light fittings. Don”t even think about painting the walls of a room and neglecting the ceiling. This is the lazy option and once you have painted the walls, you will realise that the ceiling also could have done with a coat.

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