The lazy option: painting over wallpaper

The lazy option: painting over wallpaper

Painting Time

If you have decided that it’s just too much work to remove layers and layers of old wallpaper, then painting over wallpaper may be the lazy option, but could be your only option.

If the wallpaper was originally applied somewhat haphazardly, removing it may damage your walls. So this is the lazy option, but be careful. Painting over wallpaper is a tricky job … that takes a bit more time than just painting over paint if you want to get good results. Remove any loose wallpaper and try to smooth the surface as much as is possible. You will need to apply a primer first. If you don’t the paper will just absorb the paint and may become loose. For best results, use an oil based paint and you will probably need to do a good few coats for best results. Remember that with any paint job, many hands make light work!

You may not end up with the smoothest paint job on the planet, but a bit of clever lighting can hide a thousand secrets.

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