How to Grow Strawberries

How to Grow Strawberries

How to Grow StrawberriesOur strawberries are coming along nicely. There are appearing here and there and some are even starting to go red. This year we are growing our strawberries in two different ways:
  • Outdoors in Strawberry Pots (these pots are fairly inexpensive I bought these for €25)
  • Indoors in our tunnel in pipes (these pipes are old cut off drain pipes)

The reason as to why we are growing strawberries both ways is we wanted to experiment and see what the growing difference was between both methods. The only difference we have noticed so far is that the Strawberries in the tunnel have grown faster then the ones outside.

The traditional way of growing strawberries is to allow them to run along the ground. However by growing strawberries in pots and pipes it saves space and makes them easier to care for. I.e. you don”t have to worry about snails or weeding. Even if you only have a small garden, or even a balcony you can grow strawberries by using the strawberry pots.

  • Tips for growing: If you want strawberries for the summer time it is best to plant them early to mid April and of course don”t forget with this warm spell of weather they need to be watered regularly.
  • Just to note: Once you buy a strawberry plant you more than likely will not have to buy another one. The strawberry plant that you buy will become the mother plant and will off shoot new plants which in time you will have to propagate…but that”s a whole other blog!!

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