Apartment Parking is driving me nuts!

Apartment Parking is driving me nuts!

Underground Carpark

What do you do with when you have designated parking and somebody parks in your space?

When I returned to my one and only parking space the other day someone had decided to park in it for me! How annoying? I was left with the dilemma of where the hell do I park? Going by the rule book you must park in your … “Designated Zone”, you cannot park in another person”s space so the only alternative left was to park outside. But why should I park outside? I pay for my space and I could get clamped outside.

For awhile I gave up, I was too tired. I figured the person would move soon enough…like in the next hour or so. NO, it was three days later before the car moved! How cheeky? The management company were extremely unhelpful, they put the onus on me to clamp the car if I wanted to as they would not do it (although there are signs up!), the only advice they gave me was to put a note on the car.

Thanks to out Estate Agent and Landlord the car owner finally got the message and vacated my space.

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  1. Max at 4:20 pm

    I had a similar problem a few months ago with an appartment I rent out in Parnell Street Dublin 1. The main problem was that the public had access to the carpark. I spoke to the management company who were a little indifferent. (to say the least). I asked if they had any objections to me putting in a parking post – they had none. Although the girl I spoke to advised me only to use a company that was registered and insured. Interestingly, once I installed my post, most of the other residents did the same.
    For what its worth I used nreireland (I googled them).

  2. Adam at 9:20 am

    Ugh, this is so frustrating! It happens to me all the time. The most annoying part is that the offenders pretend not to see the blatant sign that says “Reserved” in big bold letters! Come on people. If your eyes aren’t good enough to read that sign, then you shouldn’t be driving.

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