How to grow peas

How to grow peas


My peas are busy showing their heads. I have made some homemade plant supports for them. As they grow they will be support by the stalks (supports) which will help them grow upright. The trick is to keep tying them (gently) as they grow to the supports. Garden peas are delicious. You can eat them like sweets while going about your garden chores. Peas freeze … extremely well so freeze some for your Christmas dinner!

Some Tips on growing peas

  • Peas grow extremely fast – I about 3 weeks or so you will see your first pods! If you plant early June you will have a nice crop come July.
  • Beware of the Slugs! Like most other plant peas are threaten by slugs. To avoid slugs feasting on your peas you should use plant supports to help your help grow upright and to keep them off the ground
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