This season’s scent is lavender

This season’s scent is lavender

field of lavenderLavender water is a great way to get your clothes smelling fresh and summery. This is a simple and cheap way to give fragrance to your clothes. Lavender is famous for its calming influence – a drop on your pillow will help you drop off.

To make the lavender water, you will need some pure alcohol (or close to it), lavender oil, water and … a spray bottle. Mix a few drops of lavender oil with a few tablespoons of alcohol and a cup of water. Pour into the spray bottle and apply.

This solution can be sprayed on clothes during ironing or sprayed directly on to clothes as they hang in your wardrobe. It”s also great for bed clothes or freshening up furniture fabrics, cushions and curtains. Don”t go overboard.

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    I just love lavender the smell and color of lavender just pleases you a lot.

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