What exactly does a Management Company do?

What exactly does a Management Company do?

QuestionWith my recent parking problem I was wondering if management companies actually do anything.

Management companies are usually hired to maintain shared spaces and services of (mainly) apartment complexes or gated estates. The typical shared spaces and services that a Management company are responsible for can include lobbies, stairwells, lifts, main corridors, parking areas and green spaces around the complex. They are responsible for the upkeep … of these areas as well as enforcing rules & guidelines to ensure that all open spaces and common areas are kept in order by all visiting and living in the building. Some rules can include: parking in designated areas, no smoking zones, low noise levels in common areas etc

All unit owners usually pay an annual maintenance fee / a service charge to the Management Company. If you a renter, good for you as you probably don”t have to pay Management fee, the Landlord more often than not pays this.

If you are not happy with your management company remember that they are only hired on a contract bases. Your complex probably has a residence committee so you should bring any issues that you may have to their attention.

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  1. Tomas at 1:08 pm

    Me and my wife refused to pay the annual fee for 2 years snd they brought us to court. There was a court somehow someway we did not get a letter from our solicitor about it, so we have to pay extra 600 for the court expences. Now me and a neighbour of mine wewnt to a different sollicitor,were explained that it is possible to bring the fee down.
    the fee was 605 and after 15 months went up to 1100.
    contact your solicitor and try to gather more homeowners with you and get as many info about the management and the work is being done as you can(photos,conversations,phonecalls)
    there is only one thing left for us-FIGHT!

  2. Rachel Allen at 7:38 pm

    I have to say the management company in my apartment block are really useless, I have asked some of the other apartment owners to help me get some action from them, like refuse to pay until they do the basics.

    Is there anyone else who has had this problem? Help

    Rachel 🙁

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