How to replace cracked or damaged tiles

How to replace cracked or damaged tiles

Replacing cracked and damaged tilesKitchens and bathrooms are prone to those annoying cracked tiles. Over time they gather dirt and grime and germs fester. It”s best to repair it as soon as possible.

Whatever you do, don”t try getting the tile out by hacking away at it with a hammer or screwdriver. You may just break even more tiles, or worse still injure yourself. If you … have a spare tile left over then you could try replacing the tile with that or alternatively choose a feature tile maybe with a pattern. Follow these simple steps:

  • Remove the grout around the damaged tile so it is completely separate from the other tiles.
  • Drill a hole into the centre of the cracked tile.
  • Start at the centre and carefully chip away at the rest of the tile.
  • Clean the surface and prepare for the replacement tile.
  • Use adhesive to place the new tile in position.
  • Wait for a day or two and then grout the area around the new tile.

Job done! If in doubt, get an expert in. It may be cheaper than replacing the damage you do.

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  1. Adhesives at 7:57 am

    With the right products, replacing a tile should be a fairly easy job for handymen and women. The drill will make the chipping off much more reliable – wearing a wide pair of safety goggles is definitely recommended! If you just ask a knowledgeable hardware store employee about glue brands and grout remover, you shouldn’t have a problem.

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