Is barbequing allowed on balconies?

Is barbequing allowed on balconies?

Balcony Barbeque

Here is a question I would love to know the answer to…is barbequing on your balcony allowed? Now I have seen others in my complex use barbeques of all different shapes and sizes and I haven”t noticed anything in my leasing terms about BBQs being prohibited. But if you can”t even put a clothes horse out on your balcony nowadays would I really be allow … to cook my dinner out there?

There are arguments against barbequing on balconies and in many apartment and condo developments in the US and Australia barbequing on balconies is banned. One of the main reasons is that since you could be cooking using charcoal or propane it really is a potential fire hazard.

At few other not life threaten reasons as to why you might not be allowed to barbeque on your balcony is that the smoke (and the smell) from you BBQ could and most likely would waft from your balcony to balconies of other apartments above and below yours, which I suppose could be a nuisance. Now we get very few sunny days here and I wonder are there any actual rules / laws to say we can”t BBQ on our balconies?

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  1. Olivia at 2:18 pm

    I imagine that if there’s another balcony above you it could cause a problem? Smoke marks on the “ceiling” of your balcony maybe? If the reason clothes horses aren’t allowed is due to the look of them out there then certainly a barbeque should be a no-no. I actually never even thought of doing it, it definitely screams fire hazard though!! Can you imagine walking passed an apartment block and seeing smoke come out of one of the balconies?!!

  2. Richard at 3:00 pm

    I think it really depends on the block you live in and the size of the balcony. I would imagine that most management companies would not allow this considering clothes horses and satellite dishes are off limits. It doesn’t mean that you can’t do it. It just depends on whether one of your neighbours complains to the management company about it. Some friends of mine have roof terraces that they share with their neighbours and they actually have built in bbq’s. I guess you just need to check the small print in your contract.

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