The low down on Stoves and Boilers

The low down on Stoves and Boilers

Stanley Stove

We have had quite the warm summer so far but it”s never too early in the year to start thinking about purchasing a stove for the winter months.

So, why all this talk about stoves in the first place? I love my open fire and would be hard pushed to wave good bye to it any time soon. However having said that I have heard stoves … are quite energy efficient and cost effective.

And it”s true! Fact of the matter is stoves / boilers are more efficient (three times more efficient to be exact!) than open fires. Stoves are made of steel and cast iron and therefore omit about 80% of their heat into a room, whereas an open fire looses a lot of its heat by sending the majority of it up the chimney! Not only are they great heaters but stoves also double as a secondary heating source i.e. the stove / boiler will also heat up your radiators and your water.

If you are sold on the idea or just a bit curious here are a couple of useful links if you want to have a browse and see what they”re like:

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