Top Ten cities billionaires call home

Top Ten cities billionaires call home

Ever curious to know to where all the billionaires live? Well the good people at Forbes decided to compile a nice list of the Top Ten Cities where billionaires call home.

New York One the other side of the pond New York City took the number one spot. The city is home to 85 billionaires. Their Mayor, Michael Bloomberg is their number one resident billionaire. And … not so far away from us on the other side London ranked second on the list. 28 of the worlds billionaires call London home. The top ten cites break down as follows:

Tied at 9th and 10th place: Tokyo, Sao Paulo, Mumbai, Chicago,
8. San Francisco
7. Istanbul
6. Dallas
5. LA
4. Hong Kong
3. Moscow
2. London
1. New York

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  1. Nigel at 2:29 pm

    Surely most billionaires have many cities to call home? I know that if it were me I would definitely have a place in New York, London, somewhere by the see and of course somewhere in Ireland.

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