Quick Tip – How to identify what you grow

Quick Tip – How to identify what you grow

Label what you grow

If you are new to the garden scene or if you are planting a new crop for the first time it can hard to know what to expect when your seedlings first start to show.

In a bid to prevent you from weeding what could be your newly planted crop here is a little tip to help you familiarise with what they will look like. One easy method is to just plant a sample few seeds in a flower pot and watch the seedlings appear and of course label the pots in case you forget which is which!!

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  1. Gemima at 12:33 pm

    I am new to gardening and appreciate this problem. To get round this I have drawn a complete layout of my garden on an A1 sheet of paper and pinpointed exactly what is planted and where. Now I can easily see where each of my herbs are, types of lettuce etc. It’s quite good fun doing it too.

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