New to MyHome: Holiday Rentals!

New to MyHome: Holiday Rentals!

Holiday Rentals New to

We’ve got a burning question we have to ask….Have you got an overseas property that you would like to rent out for the summer months? Well, great to know that for only €50 you can advertise your holiday rental on for a whole year!

Holiday Rentals is a relatively new service to the website but already we have 2 and a half thousand (and growing!) overseas rental properties for you to search from.

So basically to summarise: for €50 you can upload and advertise your overseas villa or apartment on for 12 months!

But if, like most of us you don’t have an overseas property to let out… why not take a look at the holiday rentals on and maybe rent one out yourself! Renting has so many more benefits that a hotel can’t offer, being more reasonable in terms of price is definitely one! So while you save money on accommodation you get to spend more on your holiday!

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  1. Alan at 1:58 pm

    Great that you have holiday rentals. However, why is it that myhome allows private individuals to advertise rentals but not houses for sale. Why do we have to use an agent to use the for sale service?

  2. Barbara at 8:27 pm

    Absolute bargain !!! uploaded my apartment in spain last wednesday and I got 2 bookings already…keep up the good work MyHome !!!

  3. Aisling at 4:20 pm


    I logged onto your website that you are advertising holiday lettings abroad as seen on a flyer with a newspaper. I do not have a property but am always on the look out to rent in Spain. However I find it very disappointing as most properties that I have looked at have price on application (Costa Del Sol). May I give you the feedback that this is disappointing, off putting and not transparent.

    Thank you


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