Floorboards: Squeaks beneath your feet

Floorboards: Squeaks beneath your feet

Squeaky Floorboards?

Anyone with wooden floors will have experienced a squeaky floorboard. While they may act as a good security alarm for intruders, they can also be a real nuisance.

In older properties this is something that you have to get used to. The squeaks and creaks are part of the character of the house. If the floorboards are in bad condition, it might be worth getting … an expert in to check them over. Squeaks also happen in relatively new homes where the wood contracts and retracts with the seasons.

Check the area that is squeaking to see if there is a loose floorboard that can be secured or replaced. As most modern floorboards are tongue and groove, this can be quite tricky. You don”t want to damage the other floorboards. Get whoever laid the floor to take a look at it. This is quite a common complaint in new homes as the wood adjusts to the environment so it could be a simple job for an expert but a nightmare for an amateur ‘DIYer’. Better to put up with the squeaks than to fork out for an entire new floor.

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  1. maureen hogan at 7:04 pm

    Hi I have a house that is only 2 years old and I have squeaking boards that are driving us mad, what can be done to resolve this problem?

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