What does €100,000 get you this week in Brazil?

What does €100,000 get you this week in Brazil?

Oasis Do Mar Villa

Slightly under our budget of €100,000 this week you could buy a 2 bed Villa for €98,658 in the amazing Oasis do Mar residential development in Brazil.

Oasis do Mar is located above the beachfront city town of Jacuma on the East coast of Brazil and practically beside the city of Joao Pesso which is thought to be the most eastern city of the Americas.

The development … has been described as a piece of paradise which overlooks fields of palms, stretches of un-spoilt coastline, the Atlantic and beyond.

Take a close look at Oasis Do Mar Villas, Joao Pessoa, Brazil

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  1. marcos at 10:08 pm

    I thought that this sort of madness had come to an end in Ireland, but it’s obvious that proprety speculators are still trying to get people to spend money they don’t have on dubious property purchases. Irish investors have made dodgy purchases in Europe and paid too much and the property spivs are now trying to get them to try their luck in a market they know next to nothing about half way around the world. Calm down everyone, the Irish economy is in a mess and it’s going to stay that way for a long time, the party of the last 15 years or so is over.

  2. Georgina at 1:56 pm

    This looks amazing! And for under 100 grand. I’ll take two. It’s a pity it’s so far away. I think if I were buying a place overseas, Brazil is just a little too far. Not sure that Michael O’Leary is planning on starting flights from Dublin to Rio. Unfortunately.

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