Rent Relief. Rent Supplement. Rent Allowance.

Rent Relief. Rent Supplement. Rent Allowance.

Spot the Difference

Spot the difference! There is a bit of confusion between Rent Relief, Rent Allowance and Rent Supplement. Some think Rent Relief and Rent Allowance are the same and others think that Rent Allowance and Rent Supplement are the same… however all three are different! It is quite easy to get them all mixed up though… heaven knows I”ve gotten them in a knot … a few times before getting it right. So let me summarise;

Rent Relief: This is tax relief that you can claim if you are paying for rent in private rented accommodation which is used as your sole or main residence.

Rent Supplement: This is a social welfare payment. If you are unemployed you maybe able to receive a rent allowance payment to help you meet your monthly rent payments. A few terms and conditions apply:

  • Before receiving this supplement you will undergo a means test
  • You must be living in the residence for at least 6 months to be able to receive the payment.

Where the confusion lies is that Rent Supplement is usually refer to / called “Rent Allowance”.

Rent Allowance
Rent Allowance is a Social Welfare Scheme – but an old payment that only applies to people affected by the de-control of rents back in 1982. Very few people would still be receiving this type of payment and there are no new applications i.e. it”s a close case payment.

Hope this has cleared some stuff up! I”ll blog about each more in-depth over the next week.

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  1. s at 9:52 pm

    I am trying to rent a house btu i am on rent allowance which makes it alot harder as alot of landlords done acept rent allowance.i have never had a problem with rent allowance so i think most just think we are lazy and don’t want to work. I feel this is a bit racist and a bit like saying no foreigners. they will sometimes say professionals only or will suit professionals, am i any different then a professional person. they are only professional because they have a job at pressent, i have a health problem so i could not work for a while.

  2. Unfair treatment at 8:27 pm

    mys son was living with me in dublin city, he is 19 and recieving 100euro from s/w. He wants to move to rathdrum with a friend who has secured a house. The cwo there told him he would have to register with Wicklow co council and get a form stamped, bring it back to her and then the process wouold begin. The WCC refused to give him a form, told him to go to dublin corporation, register with them as he is from Dublin ( very discriminatory) get my house asssesd by them. then they get on to WCC. That is a disgrace, I rang and said my son was not in a position to live with me even if I had ten bedrooms in my house for personal reasons. He wants to live in wicklow and as an Irish citizen surley he is entitled to do that. Do wicklow Co co not want dublin unemployed students living there? If he wants to move to wicklow that is his perogative as an adult. They then said they would post out a form. Why? The landlord said he would hold the house for a week, how long will this process take. How can he live in a house in wiclow for 6 months and pay his rent if he has no income only the paltry 100euro s/w pay him? If he had money to rent private accomadation and pay in full he would be employed so he would not be applying for rent allowance. Who are these people and what does he do in this situation? The house will be gone and it will be too late. Can he move in and then apply for rent all if he borrows money to pay up front to the landlord. And is he entitled to a deposit: or is that also discretionary.

  3. Isabella at 10:13 am

    That certainly does help. I always find the site so confusing, I think they do it on purpose (so much for Plain English guidelines!!) Thanks for the useful info

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