Deadline date set for €200 Property Tax payment

Deadline date set for €200 Property Tax payment

Property Tax

The €200 property tax that applies to all owners of a second home was passed as part of The Local Government (Charges) Bill 2009 in the Seanad yesterday.

On July 1st the bill was introduced to the Seanad and was expected to be passed by the end of the month. At that time there was no definite date as to when owners would be expected … to pay the tax although it was clear payments would start in the 2009 tax year. As of yesterday a deadline date of September 30th has been set for all owners of a second property to cough up the tax payment to the government.

Come the 31st of July property owners are liable for the tax. The onus is on you, the homeowner to come forward and pay the tax. On the upside you will be able to pay online from July 31st. Also beware! Although you might not want to pay the tax a late payment fee of €20 a month will be charged if the tax is not paid a month after it is due.

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  1. bill at 10:24 am

    the basket case that is fianna ‘fail’ have introduced this solely because of the chronic waste of funds they have presided over for the last 12 years.

    the people who voted shower of buffoons into power 2 1/2 years ago are also responsible. if the electorate do not stand up to these idiots and make them accountable this will be the result more waste of money and more taxes to fix the mistakes.

    the opposition deserves a chance, even if only to send out the message that complacency and ineptitude will not be tolerated with the hard earned taxes people pay.

    the current government couldnt run a bath let alone a country. thanks bertie, noel, brian, martin, harney, for nothing.

  2. john campbell at 7:52 pm

    this tax is designed to “get at” Irish people who have invested in additional properties. Fair enough. But I am not resident in Ireland but have a holiday home there.I have only discovered, by accident, that this measure has been introduced and that the full rigour of the law will be applied to any non national who owns a holiday home in Ireland. Ignorance of the law may not be a defence but if the law is an ass, what then? How do the thousands of non national holiday home owners find out about their liabilites – if they exist?

  3. Muriel at 11:32 am

    REgister properties at

  4. Gary Cooper at 2:44 pm

    Whats all this about E200 for holiday homes? Who do we have to pay this to? Sounds like things are getting very very desperate in the ROI right now. This seems to have been rushed through in desperation, without having the administrative infastructure in place. Sounds like its time to try and sell out in ireland and buy a caravan in the UK.

  5. Roy Nelson at 3:11 pm

    I have read, that I have to pay 200 euroes for rnting property, but no where can I find were to pay this money, can you help ? Thankyou RN

  6. M Kelly at 2:48 pm

    Josh u asume all second home owners are PAYE workers. This is not always the case.

  7. M Kelly at 2:46 pm

    Today August 21st 2009 I called the Revenue to make enquiries as to where I should pay my 2000 euro. “Who told you to pay this?” she enquired. “I have no idea what your talking about”. “Could you find out?” I asked. Minutes later she returned its not a tax issue for us try youre County Council.

  8. Fiachra at 12:28 pm

    I have a second home and assume I will be liable for this 200euro tax. How do I go about paying it? Do I need to contact the tax office? Do I pay by cheque or do they deduct it from my tax free allowance (credits)?
    I think we need more concrete advice about this as they payment structure is very unclear right now and will result in lots of people defaulting on payments.

  9. Josh at 3:06 pm

    If the onus is on the owner to cough up, I would imagine that there will be a lot of default payments. What is the punishment for not paying? Why don’t they just tax this at source from any paye workers with a second home? Surely this is just going to be yet another administrative disaster that will end up costing more than it will ever bring in. Death to the stealth tax!

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