How to grow Cabbage

How to grow Cabbage

Grow your own Cabbage

I planted a few cabbages again this year – both green and purple types of cabbage. So how do you go about growing your own cabbage?

First off get some seeds! The average seed packet will contain anything between 40 to 100 plants and shouldn”t cost more that €3 or €4. If you are only looking for a couple of cabbages … and not a feast of 100 – lucky enough the seeds will last about 5 years! So you can either store the excess for next year or give some to neighbour for their garden.

To sow: There are various different types of cabbages. If you want a crop for the end of the Summer / Autumn ideally you would be looking to sow your seeds from late spring right up to the end of June. When planting the seeds ensure you space plenty and evenly between the seed – minimum approx 30cm.

Top Tip: Be sure to cover with netting to deter the cabbage white butterfly! White butterfly like a good munching on cabbage…as do slugs! You can either pick the slugs off or use a small sprinkling of slug tots. Depending on your soil type cabbages really like slightly alkali conditions so a dusting of lime wouldn”t go astray every now and then.

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  1. Fidelma at 12:25 pm

    I only have a small back garden but a very large front garden. I have decided to start growing vegetables in my front garden to make the most of the space. I have a row of cabbages, beans and lots of herbs. It looks great and myself and some of my neighbours are reaping the benefits. I think it would be great if more people grew vegetables in their front gardens. They look great! The beans flower and climb and the cabbages look very wild. We need more rustic, wild gardens and less manicured, ornate gardens with gnomes. It’s a great idea when you have a large front garden and is also a great way to get to know your neighbours well. Why don’t residents get together and do this? It creates a real sense of community in the area.

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