Antonio Banderas property confiscated by Spanish authorities

Antonio Banderas property confiscated by Spanish authorities

Antonio Banderas Marbella Holiday Home

Despite rumors of possible amnesty to be declared for illegally built properties in Spain it seems that they are powering ahead with demolitions of some buildings and developments there. They had called for amnesty because the demolition of the massive volume of illegally built properties was impractical but local authorities did state at the time that where properties are built on protected … lands they will be demolished eventually.

Well unlucky for some, actor Antonio Banderas and his wife Melanie Griffiths have a Spanish holiday home which has been found to have been built on what is a public beach. Their beach front property which is located near Marbella and which is estimated to be worth £5million will now face losing a good chunk of its garden as part of the Spain’s tackle on illegally built properties. Once the local authority there repossess the land the public will be able to access the beach in front of their home!!

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  1. Eileen at 12:22 pm

    Surely Antonio Banderas could have afforded to pay his lawyers to double check the property rights and ownership of the land on his property before buying it. This seems like a pretty fundamental error on his or his peoples behalf. He probably has quite a few homes around the world so you would think he would have known better.

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