Health Board reduces rent supplement payments by 8%

Health Board reduces rent supplement payments by 8%

Rent Allowance Reduced

From the 1st of June there has been an 8% reduction in the amount of rent allowance (also called / refer to as rent supplement) being paid. Most recipients were notified by their local health board a week in advance. The letter also suggests contacting your landlord to notify them of a decrease in the payment and goes on to suggest that tenants could re-negotiate … rents with their landlords in this light.

How feasible is this for tenants? Most tenants have a lease agreement that sets out an agreed rent. Rents are actually falling across the country but where does this leave tenants who are mid-lease? Landlords surely need to be open to change given the current circumstances. They may find themselves with no tenants once the lease is up and their tenants find a similar but cheaper place to rent. As part of these new expenditure saving measures, the minimum contribution that tenants must make has also risen from €18 to €24 per week.

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  1. hunting at 3:11 pm

    This is an excellent news and thanks for sharing… I think it will take a little time to initiate the reduction of rent by the owners.. but wish it could happen soon. Thanks

  2. acai burn at 5:46 pm

    I agree with earlier comments which explain a lot from the sufferers point of view. However, as the system is faulty we should wait for the better days to come in our way. Thanks.

  3. oscar abad at 8:56 am

    There are many people in Ireland which take the dole as a style of life, they are living with the social benefits for 1, 2, 3…. many years and do nothing for tring to get a job, they are definitely not genuinely jobseekers, the origin of the problem in Ireland is the relative high social welfare payments in which there is a narrow difference in respect of THE INCOMES by means of living with the social welfare and by working fulltime earning in most cases 10 euros per hour, so if our government think that reducing even more the minimum salary will encourage the employers to create jobs (and reduce the unemployyed figures) i think that will encourages great number of lowe paid workers to stop working (forcing to be fired or not renewing their contracts) and take the dole so the unemploymenf figures will rise even more, so here you go the “snow ball” effect. how can you encourage the dole people to get a job and leave the dole if according to our current system the amount of entitled benefits is higher as longer someone is unemployed? (see for instance)they are entitled for fuel allowance after 1 year of being unemployed and not before). One solution would be gradually lowering the dole rates of money as longer someone is unemployed), don’t you think that?

  4. cosmetic dentist Northampton at 9:10 am

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  5. Irrate Job Seeker at 12:06 pm

    I applied for rent supplement back in May. The “community welfare officer” called to my flat and told me I would get x amount per week. A few days later I got a letter to say I was getting y amount (appx 20 euro less) and before my first payment had even come through I received yet another letter to say the amount I was due each week had been reduced even further (8%) due to the cutbacks. So before I even received any payment, my supplement had been reduced twice. For the amount I am now getting it is hardly worth the hassle of applying. Why can’t you just apply for this through the social welfare office along with your job seekers benefit? Instead you have to go to the local community welfare office (health board), get a form, get it stamped at the city council to show that you are on the housing list, get that stamped at the tax office and the social welfare office. Do these people not communicate at all? There is far too much red tape that could be elimitated. The system is a joke! You have to do this and try to find the time to look for a job at the same time.

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