A Renters Checklist: Why you should have one!

A Renters Checklist: Why you should have one!


A checklist can be quite handy to have to hand when viewing a property to rent! As I know from experience that when looking at a potential place to rent you sometimes forget to ask yourself some vital questions that are important to your living arrangements or ask whether the place really has everything you need. This easily happens because you maybe embarrassed if an Estate … Agent or Landlord is there you don”t want to come across as nit picky or nosey, it can also happen if excitement takes over as moving to a new place can be exciting and so you forget to check things like, do I have to pay for the bin? Does the furniture come with the apartment? Is the heating gas or oil? Is there internet access? Are pets allowed? Where can I park? Are there any shops near by?

If planning to rent in the near future you should make out a ‘Renters Checklist’ to bring with you. You should include everything from general information such as: Monthly rent payment, Smoking or non-smoking, No. of bed rooms, is the accommodation furnished? Is there parking available? Type of heating, to features of the accommodation such as; Internet access, Cable TV, is there a washing machine & dryer? Not only should you have a checklist for the apartment / house but also checkout the local area. See what transport routes are close by, shops, etc. Also check whether the area is safe and if you would actually like to live there!

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  1. Anthony at 12:57 pm

    I have been viewing places to rent over the past week and found the renters checklist on the myhome website very useful. I just printed it off and brought it to each viewing. When you are viewing a place there is a lot to think of so this is a great way to make sure that you have everthing covered at each viewing. You are then in a better position to choose the best place for you. I have just put a deposit on a place which I got for 100 euro less than the advertised price too.

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