How to grow Cucumber

How to grow Cucumber


My Cucumbers have come on quite well and the 1st harvest is already here! My first 4 have just been picked and are ready to use!

So how do you grow your own cucumbers? Well to grow cucumbers you will need either a glass house or a tunnel and along with moisture and rich soil most of all cucumbers need warmth to grow. There are many types of … cucumbers which can grown both indoors and outdoors but since cucumbers need heat to grow, in Ireland they need to ideally be grown in a glasshouse or tunnel.

Cucumbers will take about 12 – 14 weeks to grow so to have a crop during the summer months you should plant in early April. When sowing it is recommended that you plant your seeds half an inch deep and to plant 1 seed per 3 inches of space that you have allowed for your cucumbers to grow. Note: Cucumbers require very rich, well drained compost / soil.

Cucumbers require plenty of water so to help them grow nice and healthy soak the roots thoroughly and regularly. If your greenhouse or tunnel becomes very hot it is advised that you spray your cucumbers with water to maintain a high humidity.

Cut your cucumber as soon as they are ready. Once grown you should try and cut / harvest your cucumbers regularly so as to encourage the plant to produce more Cucumbers.

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  1. Sara at 1:11 pm

    There are quite a few types of cucumber seed available in my local garden centre. Does anyone know which type are the best and easist to grow. I haven’t grown them before but would love to try growing them for next summer.

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