Only a week to go to IKEA!

Only a week to go to IKEA!

Ikea Family Card

Well the countdown to IKEA is nearly over! This day next week I can only imagine how thronged the IKEA store will be with happy shoppers!

So you don”t miss out on anything and in case you haven”t heard IKEA have a store card similar to that of a points card for supermarkets. Its called the “IKEA Family” with the motto “The more you visit … the more you get”. With the IKEA FAMILY card you will be the first to know of upcoming promotions, sales and events! Not only that but when you join up you”ll get:

  • 25% off selected products from the regular IKEA range
  • 25% off the exclusive IKEA FAMILY Range
  • Free home furnishings magazine
  • Offers via email!

What do you have to do to get an IKEA Family? Once IKEAs doors are open run to the shop and apply in store!

Read more about the IKEA Family card

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  1. gearoid at 6:45 pm

    There is an online catalogue that can be downloaded from but it’s for the UK. Not sure if it’s the same catalogue for the Dublin branch. I would imagine they will have a separate catalogue for Dublin with all the pricing in Europe. Will be interesting to see how prices compare with the UK and the rest of Europe. I hope we don’t end up having to pay over the odds as with everything else in Ireland.

  2. Suzanne at 6:37 pm

    Does anyone know if IKEA will be offering any special offers for their new Dublin store? They probably don’t need to as there are so many people waiting for them to open. Also, is there an online catalogue of products for ikea? I have checked their website but can’t see anything.

  3. Amy at 6:35 pm

    Really can’t wait for ikea to open it’s doors in Dublin. Have been waiting to buy furniture for my new place so have been sitting on boxes for the past few weeks. Just wondering how the opening of ikea will affect other local furniture shops. Will they start offering more competitve pricing or will they just go out of business? While ikea has provided a lot of jobs, there may be adverse effects on other local businesses.

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