Turn your garden & kitchen waste into compost!

Turn your garden & kitchen waste into compost!

Thermo Compost maker on sale in Lidl

I have thought and talked about getting a compost bin but I have never gotten around to actually buying one! Well thanks to Lidl you can now buy one for €30… well €29.99 to be exact. This is seriously great value!

The composter is a ‘thermo’ composter – translated into English, it has ventilation holes for accelerated composting. It is … made from made from weather-resistant, sturdy polypropylene and although it is not massive in size it is great to get you started!

Take a look at the Thermo Composter

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  1. Food waste machines at 6:59 am

    There is a solution for you for kitchen/apartment waste https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ianZW-ItKj0&t=29s

  2. typy bukmacherskie at 9:42 am

    Not so expansive but so useful, i bought one last year for my garden and i have no regrets, very resistant and helpful for the dishes recycle.

  3. David at 11:28 am

    but this doesn’t look too big and i’d say that the lid would seal in the smell from it maybe ?

  4. Caitriona at 4:43 pm

    Totally agree about not being able to ‘recycle’ your food waste if you live in an apartment. This has annoyed me for ages!!

  5. Caitriona at 4:41 pm

    Do you know if there are allotments in your local area? If so maybe you could ask them do they have a compost bin / heap and would they be willing / interested in taking your food waste?

  6. Roisin at 4:35 pm

    Id love to have a compost bin to dispose of kitchen food waste… but i live in an apartment & although i do have room and could put the compost bin on the balcony it wouldnt be practical. 1) It might smell 2) I have no garden to use the compost on 3) it would be difficult to remove the compost from the balcony to distribute / dispose of somewhere else. How come apartment complexs provide bins for both household waste and recycling but not food waste? Is this something that could be implemented by the Apartment Management company? Or does anyone know if there is a ‘drop’ center where i could bring food waste that could be turned into compost?

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