Lisbon YES Result: Will we see markets return?

Lisbon YES Result: Will we see markets return?

Lisbon YES Result: Will we see markets return?

Ireland’s YES vote in the Lisbon referendum, “will improve our economic position” stressed Minister for Finance Brian Lenihan, he continued; “People don’t see a future for Ireland if we don’t have European markets and goodwill in them. They saw that goodwill to Ireland is vital for a small nation that depends on its trade.”

Many business groups also said … that the YES result will be positive for the economy: It will strengthen Ireland’s potential for foreign direct investment and help restore its international reputation. Not only that but it was also claimed that the result would cut interest payments on future state borrowings thereby easing the burden on the taxpayer.

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  • Lisbon YES Result: Will we see markets return?
  • Will the Tiger make a comeback?
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  1. Libertyed at 12:48 pm

    The yes voters, have sold out their nation. After many years of tyranny from across the waters, we just returned to more by-laws of Brussells and the power elite of the EU. Watch in the next coming years, one president, one flag, and one anthem. Our sovereignty and national identity is gone, we will be all called Europe-ons, not Irish. Similar to the United States. Yep,Lenihan and the FF party, sure know how to screw up a great country that our forefathers worked and fought hard to free. The FF yes campaign have returned us back in time not forward. Where’s all the Jobs promised by this Yes campaign? Lying stack of sh#*s the FF party are. We are under the grip of debt caused by this government, and we the people of Ireland must stand and demand the end to the FF party. The county is under the control of the ECB and the IMF banking powers. So wake up, and get this present government out of the Dail.

  2. David at 2:00 pm

    The yes vote will have a detrimental effect on the future Ireland,the cowards that voted yes for hopeful monetary gain will get their just deserts in the near future.The scum that currently run our country have no interest in the current or future generations of our once great country which has been decimated by these criminal fraudsters for far too long.
    As they obviously have no intention of removing themselves from power and continue to f**k up everything they touch, is it not time the irish people rose up and removed them ourselves before it is too late.
    They do not believe in democratic decisions as is quite evident from the re-run of this farcical treaty.they will impoverish this entire nation and make the Famine look like a kings banquet

  3. Art at 12:01 pm

    The Irish can be fooled most of the time.
    The politicians have won again but it is so easy for them when Joe Public think they are on their side.
    The politicians whole purpose in life is look after Number 1.
    Joe Public does not have any part to play in their plan.
    They don’t give a f*** about the next election!
    Win or Lose they WIN.
    They plan ahead, look after the BANKERS,BUILDERS,SPECULATORS,CHURCH and make sure the EU gravy train is flowing and HEY PRESTO, life is quite good after losing the election.
    Question . Is it a crime to benefit from slave labour in Ireland.
    Answer. No If you are a Nun.
    I have lots of bees in my bonnet

  4. Art at 11:37 am

    The Irish can be fooled most of the time.
    The politicians have won again but it is so easy for them when Joe Public think they are on their side.
    The politicians whole purpose in life is look after Number 1.
    Joe Public does not have any part to play in their plan.
    They don’t give a f*** about the next election!
    Win or Lose they WIN.
    They plan ahead, look after the BANKERS,BUILDERS,SPECULATORS,CHURCH and make sure the EU gravy train is flowing and HEY PRESTO, life is quite good after losing the election.
    Question . Is it a crime to benefit from slave labour in Ireland.
    Answer. No If you are a Nun.
    I have lots of bees in my bonnet

  5. Steve at 5:29 pm

    Now that the Lisbon treaty has been passed,Ireland will be seen again to be reaffirming its commitment to be at the heart of Europe.With the benefit of the euro and goodwill of our other European partners,the short term necessary budgetary measures can now be enacted upon by Minister Lenihan which will lead to the next boom.The next boom will be due to our well educated workforce,coupled with our low corporation tax levels and now commitment to Europe.

  6. Xico Wapo at 8:52 am

    Ireland, the country I so much love and respected, has disappointed me so much in this vote. The FACT is that 95% of the people of the EU would have voted ‘No’, GIVEN THE CHANCE. However, Ireland was the only country that WAS democratic enough, until last Friday, to give this choice to the people, and now it has just handed it away to the Fourth Reich. I am sure in time my love for the country ‘Ireland’ will re-emerge, but at this stage, I feel disgusted with the ignorance of those idiots who were easily bullied into voting ‘yes’ by the brain-washing European and Irish politicians. However, my disgust is even stronger for those ‘no’ voters who didn’t even bother to vote. My faith in the Irish people has all but gone. I am shocked it was a ‘yes’ vote, and I would question it, as ALL of my Irish friends were voting ‘No’. Ireland would have NOT been isolated as suggested by the ‘yes’ politicians. In fact, Ireland would have been loved all the more by the 95% of EU voters who were not given that democratic choice to vote ‘No’. We relied on Ireland to save us. We would have thanked Ireland for speaking out on our behalf. Ireland has handed over its democracy on a plate, which was bravely fought for by your great ancestors, all for financial benefit. What a shame. The ‘yes’voters will have a lot to answer for when none of the promises will be proven by those brain-washing politicians. I hope they remember their choice in the future. And as for coming out of the recession. This will happen either way, so that is a pathetic argument. It is whether it will IMPROVE Ireland and Europe in any way is what should be focused on. And I guarantee you that NONE of their promises will happen. If Europe is ‘so good to Ireland’, how come Ireland is much more expensive than many other European countries? Those ‘Yes’ voters live in a fantasy world and will never come out of it. They are too focused in the immediate future. Ireland has been in the EU for over 30 years and it still has not got the same standards as those in it the same time. Europe has not done much for Ireland but given the Irish government a place to hide when they are needed at home. As for Isna Mora – ‘the closed minds and beliefs of the GREAT Irish people’!!! I think you should look at your own country before targetting Ireland or Europe. North America is still stook in the 1800’s!!!

  7. Mickey at 10:29 pm

    YES LISBON will turn around the property market back to the good old days of the boom. My neighbour is selling her house and already she has had 5 people up the offer price from 775 000euro for her nice home to an offer of 1,989,000 million euro which represents good value for money as the estate agent said so it must be true. The Government are not always right but they are NEVER wrong. 100% mortgages are on the increase again and this is good news for first time buyers wanting to get a foot on the property ladder. Prices will stabilise and there will be a soft landing in about 75 years from now. This is good news for Banks and Developers who deserve assistance and help. My neighbours daughter said that her mum will be delighted to help her buy a house and will tell the BAnks and Developer that she is willing to finance any amount of money to purchase a 1 bed apt which is good news and everybody should do this. If you have spare cash you should give it to your daughter to help her buy an Apt at the price the Developer wants for it. This makes good economic sense as it will help us out of the mess we are in caused by the public sector and private sector workers who are greedy with money and keep it themselves and not share it with the banks and developers and tax man. Sharing is caring and if you care about Ireland you will all share your money with the Banks Developers and Taxman. This is what Lisbon supports and will make it law soon that everyone hand over their money and just shut up moaning.

  8. James at 7:49 pm

    Not a chance.

  9. Zhabi at 7:38 pm

    Do we want a moth-eaten tiger back? The “great” Celtic Tiger was a bubble that was always going to burst. Of course Cowan (when Finance Minister) and “Dig-out” Bertie didn’t want to face up to the looming problem – they’re not that stupid, after all – but allowed their chums to line their pockets untrammelled by any meaningful checks. Roll up! Roll up! Watch it all go wrong again in the not-too-distant future because nothing has been done to prevent a re-occurrence.
    I see BIFFO Cowan has said – apparently with a straight face – that, after the recent referendum, the sovereign will of the Irish people has been heard (or words to that effect). Funny that. He didn’t uphold the sovereign will of the Irish people when they expressed it on the previous occasion.

  10. Gerard at 7:34 pm

    Don’t be a cod…

  11. Liz Taylor at 6:33 pm

    Sure the house prices will reduce -its called an economic downturn and has nothing to do with the Lisbon Treaty, rather the Irish Government, Banks, and Builders and yet they are taking credit for the “yes” to Lisbon Treaty – what planat do they live on – not earty, perhaps Mars.

  12. Daniel Duggan at 4:57 pm

    Lets hope the house prices move to an European norm of about €2,000/M2 in large metro areas. Dublin prices hit €8,000/M2 in 2007 so there is a lot of falling to done done yet.

  13. Eleanor Kelly at 3:53 pm

    our mind are open and in fact much more open than your, obviously!!!

  14. isna mora at 3:25 pm

    open wider the closed
    minds and beliefs
    of the GREAT irish people..

    eventually, it will put an end
    to their one-sided
    pro-irish laws and

    it about time.

  15. Eleanor Kelly at 3:21 pm

    Agree with P McGuinness – the Irish have just somehow turned into a crowd of “yes” people and followed advice given by IBEC, Chambers, etc). For all that are running business in Ireland, surely you have an ability to make up your own mind and if not, they you should not be running a business! Apart from Mr Ganley, who has ready the Treaty and yet 62% said yes – mind boggling!

    For all that voted Yes, they have made such a mistake and in actual fact, embarrassed the 30% who said “No” – one year “No” and the next “Yes” and still no results – watch this space. Let watch the UK and Poland as the Lisbon Treaty has not “yet” being passed!

  16. Desmond Gilhooly at 2:46 pm

    It is very difficult to say whether the markets will return as the Tiger left a terrible mess behind it. A better question would be to what degree do we want it to return. Obviously we want to get jobs back in the country, but quite apart from the bureaucracy in the way, we’ve gotten so used to certain benefits of having a Tiger economy that to live without them and, indeed, reducing standard of living is alien to us.
    I do think that people were frightened into agreeing to the treaty this time around after seeing what has happened in the alst 12 months, and it is some measure of proof that it may not be in Ireland’s best interests to have agreed to a treaty that we had to be bullied into accepting.

    Having said that it would be interesting to view the precise numbers involved in passing the vote as it only passed by the minimum possible (based on reported figure, had the yes votes tallied to 0.5% less it would have failed)

    The concept of the “European project” are sound, however in recent years politicians have gotten so used to hearing that they are representing their country, that they forgot it’s not the country they represent, it’s the people. In doing that they stopped listening to the people and viewed things in how it would best benefit the country. Just because something is of benefit to the country does not mean it benefits the people. A ‘Yes’ vote may mean jobs, but for who?

  17. John at 2:27 pm

    The property bubble was purely supply and demand and guess where the demand came from – the greedy speculators among the public and that includes individuals who expected to get rich without doing anything much except buy a house. What should the government have done taxed you even more on your property when they did not need the revenue and when you already had among the highest transaction tax in the world, stamp duty, that people including the opposition were clamouring to drop altogether. Get real, you dont find people in Germany railing at the government for their own stupidity. The people that are entitled to complain are those like me who contributed nothing to the bubble but stil have to pay for the stupidity of others.

  18. Paulo at 2:03 pm


  19. David Marke at 1:59 pm

    Very disappointed that Ireland voted YES. I believe you will regret this in time…simply because you will lose control of your lives as the EU takes over more and more of your sovereign rights. With a NO vote I believe you would have returned to many of the things that made Ireland a beautiful and exceedingly friendly place to live and visit. The celtic tiger, driven by EU cash has largely stripped you of your soul. Fortunately you still have some people who have not forgotten how to be friendly and hospitable, these dear folk are a significant credit to your heritage.

  20. shane at 1:49 pm

    Lisbon yes vote has will have no impact on the property market.
    the worst is yet to come when the new budget comes in and E.C.B. rates start to go back up that’s when we will really see people struggle and if the banks are allowed to foreclose on homes we will see property prices noise dive the way they did in the States.

  21. Avril Smith at 1:43 pm

    Any source of help in Ireland, in addition to what we have had for the past 12 months must be good for the economy here in Ireland. Lisbon should bring confidence back to the Irish people.

  22. Sean at 1:29 pm

    The vote will be irrelevant to Ireland initially and the yes side will be on the defensive very soon. “Yes for jobs”? We will see soon that it was an irrelevant statement and should have been challenged as such by the media.

  23. p mc guinness at 1:29 pm

    the yes vote will do not a thing to change what the irish goverment have done , house owners will big left paying again for the goverments foolish ways, what kind of fools are we.
    we lose our jobs
    we lose our propertys or the value of them
    we lose wages in there so called tax deductions
    people out of work lose there xmas bounas

    so to all the people that gave them the yes vote ,what fools you all are

  24. Paul O’Neill at 1:20 pm

    Very doubtfull. I agree with Mr Ganly about seeing where we are next year in relation to the Lisbon Treaty creating jobs.

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