'The Apprentice House' on the Market for €1.8 million

'The Apprentice House' on the Market for €1.8 million

'The Apprentice House' on the Market for €1.8 million

Unless you live in a cave, you’ll know that the hit US and UK TV show The Apprentice is now in its second series on TV3 and love it or hate it, The Apprentice has proven a massive hit worldwide.

The show which … has well-known Irish businessman Bill Cullen at the helm sees 14 aspiring businessmen and women battle it out to win a six-figure salary and become his apprentice. For those of you who watch the show you know that the candidates live and work together at a set location in Dublin and have also probably noticed that the house is pretty WOW!

Well if you fancy a bit of luxury the house which features in The 2009 Apprentice Series is now on the market for €1.8million. So what do you get for €1.8 million? The 5 bed property which has quality fittings throughout and is finished to the highest spec sits on 0.7 acres and includes a state of the art security and camera system and a home entertainment system. Outside is as equally impressive. The garden has mature landscaped areas with extensive lawn and additional lighting, pergola area, a Hot tub, plasma T.V. shower area, surround sound for home entertainment system along with panoramic countryside views.


Take a closer look at “The Apprentice House” Brannock, Milverton, Skerries Co. Dublin

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  1. Michael O’Neill at 4:23 pm

    From speaking with two estate agents recently there doesn’t seem to be much property shifting for over a million Euro now, although this house might be just the one to change that view.

    The house itself seems well-appointed, but you’re always looking for that wow factor in expensive houses and the interiors are what impress here, together with the rear garden and the views.

    The house is located in Skerries, which is a beautiful area in the North County and a much sought after location in its own right, but its possibly a bit far out for some.

    In relation to the house itself; –

    1. It isn’t clear at the scale of the photos shown how this house is ventilated to prevent a build up of interstitial condensation with all these “rooms in the roof”.

    2. Similarly its not clear if all the downlighters have got their FR30 Fire Hoods in place to preserve the 30 minute Fire Resistance of the Ground Floor ceiling.

    3. It looks as though there are steps up at both the front and rear door thresholds although this isn’t very clear from the photos. It also isn’t clear from the photos hif the downstairs WC can be easily used by persons in wheelchairs. It would be useful to know whether the house complies with Part M of the Building Regulations, Access for the Disabled.

    Its possible that all these things were dealt with at the design stage or at the construction stage, but they can easily be fogotten and should always be checked out by a potential purchaser. This isn’t an exhaustive list of things to check, just some pointers.

    During the Celtic Tiger a lot of property changed hands “off the plans”. This suggests that some purchasers were so eager to attain ownership of properties in desirable developments in good locations that the normal vetting procedures using building professionals [architects, engineers and surveyors] went the same way as the checks and balances previously employed by banks regarding loans.

    In other words, the houses may not have been properly inspected. In my opinion it places an onus on potential purchasers of properties built in the last 15 years to retain a building professional check the standard of workmanship and detailing in the house. They should also ask to see the Building Energy Rating Certificate whether its for same or rent.

    I have no connection with firms who supply disabled access eaves/ridge ventilators, disabled access products, insulation products or fire-resistance products to the building industry. I occassionally inspect properties for clients as a building professional.

  2. Tony at 12:09 am

    wow that place look beautiful! for 1.8 mill it anit to costly! atleast you can say you live in the apprentice houshold! lol

  3. Free ads Ireland at 5:01 pm

    Definitely a classy place to spend your days! It can’t last long in the market, trust me. Let’s wait and see…

  4. Pat O’Donavon at 4:31 pm

    oh my god, isn’t this house just the bomb. Talk about living in the lap of luxery…. this is definately my dream house, and wouldn’t be surprised if its snapped up very quickly after seeing the footage on the apprentice!!

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