Recycle your Christmas tree!

Recycle your Christmas tree!

Recycle your Christmas tree!By now the Christmas decorations should be packed away back into their boxes but if you didn”t manage to get out of the house last week with all the snow, problem now is what to do with your old Christmas tree? Although it just might be a bit too big to fit in your green bin, Christmas Trees can be recycled and … used for mulching and compost purposes.

So how and where can you recycle your tree? Most, if not, all County Councils around the country allow you to recycle your Christmas tree free of charge. All you have to do is bring your tree to a specified / selected drop off point or recycling centre. To find out where your nearest drop off location is check out your local County Council website.

There are also a number of “kerb side” collections. These are mainly provided by private companies for a small fee. Depending on your location and the company, prices can vary between €5 and €10. If you haven”t a Christmas tree collection point nearby, this service is great as your tree will be collected at your home; you don”t have to do anything except have the tree ready and stripped of it’s decorations and they”ll do all the moving!

Two such companies are:

  1. Christmas Tree who provide a kerb side collection for €9.99 in Urban areas of Cork City, namely Ballinlough, Douglas, Frankfield, Rochestown, Passage West, Carrigaline, Bishopstown and Ballincollig.
  2. Garden Express Landscaping also provide a Christmas tree collection service in Dublin, again for only €9.

If you are unsure if you are in or within a collection area you can contact the company explaining where you live and they’ll let you know!

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  1. Roisin at 12:28 pm

    We dropped off our tree last week between the snow showers! If you are in the South Tipperary region here are some of the drop off points and the dates when the service begins and ends; Christmas Trees can be dropped off for recycling from the 6th January to the 15th January at the following locations;

    Legaun Depot, Cahir Road, Clonmel
    Waller’s- Lot Recycling Centre, Cashel
    Donohill Landfill, Donohill, Tipperary
    Fair Green Car Park, Carrick on Suir

  2. Aisling at 12:25 pm

    I bought my tree in Superquin this year. It was pretty nifty as it came in a pot i.e. it was a young tree which you watered with the idea that you plant it once Christmas was over… which we did!

    Although it was good idea, if you don’t have the space to plant and grow a Christmas tree then I suppose the purpose would be defeated and not really good value for money!

  3. Leon at 12:18 pm

    I just threw mine back home across the road into the forest of Christmas trees. Fits right in and will bio degrade eventually!

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