Spring Cleaning: Recycle unwanted household items

Spring Cleaning: Recycle unwanted household items

Spring Cleaning: Recycle unwanted household itemsFebruary has arrived and so the yearly act of cleaning a house from top to bottom i.e. spring cleaning is soon to get underway. Spring cleaning time is a prime opportunity to get rid of unwanted and used items in the house. We all have items lying around the house, garden shed or workplace that we don”t need, be it … a piece of furniture, a fridge, a bicycle, gardening tools or clothes. However, sometimes the task of parting with some items is not easy. The key though is to be ruthless. The following which are really “Excuses for keeping things” should definitely be on the get-rid list.

  • Stacks or old letters, magazines or books that you were going to read.
  • Things people have given you that no longer fit into your life.
  • Things you have been hanging onto in case you need them.
  • Things you have kept because it would be a waste to let them go.

However what you should know and remember is that you do not need to throw out all the items you plan to get rid of. Most of the items are probable reusable. As they say “What you may no longer want could be someone else”s treasure”.

There are many companies and organisations that will take and /or swap your unwanted items such as the St. Vincent de Paul, Dublinwaste.ie, Jumbletown.ie.

Reusing your unwanted goods is better than simply throwing things away and helps protect the environment. It”s also a very simple, yet efficient way to relieve clutter and provide valuable items for those in need.

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    Another site where you can swap or give away your unwanted goods.


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