Spring Clean your Greenhouse

Spring Clean your Greenhouse

Spring Clean your GreenhouseJust like our houses, greenhouses / glasshouses need regular maintenance and cleaning to keep them in good nick and working order. The end of Winter or the beginning Spring is a good time to clean, tidy and reorganise the inside and out of your greenhouse. It is important to get rid of all the clutter, clean the glass and create a well … organized and working greenhouse for the year ahead.

Where to start and what to do?
Inside it is essential to do a thorough clean through not only to restore an orderly working environment but to keep control of pests and disease.

If you have plants in the greenhouse when cleaning make sure you choose a mild day to empty your greenhouse completely. Once all items have been removed brush down the framework and windows and sweep the floor before thoroughly cleaning them with warm water and a suitable disinfectant. Next go through all your garden tools, seed packets, pots, fertilizers etc (which you removed from the greenhouse before cleaning!). Like household spring cleaning discard or recycle any broken, unused, or out of date items. Before returning any plants or tools back inside ensure that all cleaned areas are fully dry.

Outside, tackle windows and gutters! Dirty windows will reduce the light levels which can lead to propagation and plant growth problems. Warm water and window cleaner should do the trick. However some glasshouse can be prone to collecting grime, therefore scraping with a plant label and a power house might be need to shift the dirt successfully. Gutters are a magnet for collected leaves and debris so make sure to check them and brush out any rubbish before it flows into the downpipes!

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