Rent in Style: Holyrood Castle, Sandymount Ave

4 Holyrood Castle, Sandymount Avenue

4 Holyrood Castle, Sandymount Avenue is a rental property to top all rental properties.

Situated in a quiet cul du sac in Sandymount is this period castle style building which has a slightly similar look and air to that of the renowned B&Bs found in Brighton. However the interior of its 3 bed Penthouse apartment is quite unexpected and no … money has been spared in creating an extremely lavish and “yet comfortable” interior.

Not only has it got a modern fitted kitchen with all high spec appliances, three exceptionally large bedrooms, all with walk in wardrobes and ensuite, it also has full bar facilities, a large Sauna room with its own shower AND a large Jacuzzi with seating area leading to amazing roof decked area with built in garden furniture and patio area with wine cooler and fridge and panoramic views of the city.

BUT this type of luxury doesn’t come cheap. The monthly rental price is no less than €5000!

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