Grow Your Own Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

Grow Your Own Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

You don’t need a farm, or a large garden, even a small garden, you can even grow vegetables in a pot or a bag on a balcony, doorstep, window sill, patio, or deck. You can even grown some salad sprouts on the office desk for lunch! How cool is that?

Since we believe its so easy, here are a few simple steps to get you started.
The Salad sprouts are the easiest of all to grow. You can grow them indoors in a seed sprouter. In just 3-4 days you can have crunchy, healthy, bean sprouts, baby beetroot leaves, baby radish, black eyed peas and lots more growing in your kitchen or office to eat for a healthy salad lunch. Just add water! …

You can also grow wheatgrass in the same way. Wheatgrass has a reputation now as a “Superfood”. It is usually put through a blender to make a nutritious “juice” drink. A shotglass of this once a week is reputed to work wonders for your wellbeing! Why not grow some and try it out!

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