Growing your own Strawberries

Growing your own Strawberries

Growing your own StrawberriesYou can grow your own fresh Strawberries in a pot outside the door. A strawberry pot can hold 6-8 strawberry plants and will fruit with delicious fruits all summer long if you water and feed it well. This is the time to plant them up. First they will flower with bright eyed white flowers and then the fruit starts to swell. Expect to pick your first delicious strawberry in early June.

You can also sow strawberries in hanging baskets, window boxes and big flower pots. This method suits them very well as the fruits can hang over the edge and be free of soil. In pots and borders, strawberries are best surrounded by a few handfuls of straw. It keeps the soil warm, stops the soil losing moisture and stops the strawberries lying on the soil. That is why they are called STRAWberries after all! …

Strawberries will produce “runners” with baby plants on the ends of each runner. These can be used to make more plants to give to family and friends. Simply pin them down into pots of compost until they are rooted and then you can separate them from the mother plants.

Strawberry plants are available now in a number of varieties and only cost €10 for 6 plants at Johnstown Garden Centre. A pack of 2 large strawberry planter bags is just €21.99!

Once they are nice and ripe don’t forget, the cream, or dip the strawberries in melted chocolate , make fresh strawberry pancakes or strawberry meringue. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm……………………

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